Today in street art: Angie Jerez takes natural approach to taming concrete jungles

“It’s hard for me to show myself as I am, and I’m learning,” says Angie Jerez, who moved to Atlanta eight years ago from Bogotá, Colombia. Moving across the Atlantic was a leap of faith — Jerez didn’t know English and wanted to change careers, from graphic design to illustration and painting. 

She worked as a graphic designer for more than 12 years and grew tired of computers. “I wasn’t having fun with it,” she says. “I started drawing and wanted to challenge myself. I started looking for opportunities to show off my illustrations and paintings.” The transition — not to mention the initial language barrier — was tough, but she enjoys a challenge. Jerez asked around for opportunities, attended art shows and started to become familiar with her new city.

She’s now been a full-time artist for about two years and feels like she’s getting the hang of things. She’s taken the plunge into social media (follow her on Instagram @_angiejere) and is learning to show her work in a more interactive way. 

Read the full story on ArtsATL.

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