Today in street art: Marge Radford finds her style and says happily, “I’m very geometric”

Like many DIY creatives, Atlanta-born Marge Radford is more than an artist. She’s a marketer, saleswoman, social-media manager and accountant. She started her own business, Marge Art, last year and has gracefully balanced projects — murals, drawings and wallpapers — while running a company. 

Finding that rhythm didn’t come easy. Radford gave up a secure job as an interior designer to pursue painting full time. “I was lost as to what to do and where I was going,” she says. “I was a mess last year because I was still discovering more about my style.”

Now, at 27, she understands that her style is as sharp as her line work. She’s used the internet, researching and watching videos on marketing tactics, website creation and how to efficiently run a business on her own terms. Radford says she always felt art was a way to heal, and often found solace in her work. 

“I can’t remember exact people or instances that my art stemmed from,” she says, “all I can remember is always being an outcast. Art and doing anything creative made me feel better.”

Read the full column on ArtsATL.

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