Annie Leeth Breaks Barriers: Classically-Trained, Indie Pop Musician to Release Less Traveled

Annie Leeth, an Atlanta-based producer and violinist, left Richmond, VA to pursue an undergraduate degree in music at the University of Georgia. While there, she became fascinated by the world of composition, production and technology. 

As an undergraduate student, she came to a crossroads. She didn’t quite fit the mold of classical musician, instead being entranced by the meshing of classic violin with modern technology. She found solace in David Barbe, director of UGA’s music business program and owner of Chase Park Transduction. “Before I went to school, my mom told me that there was going to be one class that changed my trajectory on everything,” she says. “And that was Barbe’s class for me.” 

Since then, Leeth has self-produced two records, 2018’s Recurrence and 2019’s Mortal, and is gearing up to release a third. Set to release on Aug. 5, the seven songs that make up Less Traveled are an outpour of emotions. Written during the height of COVID-19, Leeth explores the topics of loneliness, anxiety and fear that seemed to unite humankind during an unprecedented time. “It is the darkest album that I’ve made so far,” she says. “In a way, I’m pretty excited to release it—both physically and mentally—from my head. This is the most that I have put my negative emotions into something before.” 

Read the full story in Flagpole.

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